Homemade Yogurt Pouches for Babies & Toddlers

If you’re looking for the perfect yogurt pouch, that’s both nutritious and won’t break the bank, look no further!

I have a solution for you…homemade yogurt pouches for babies & toddlers!

Homemade yogurt pouches

Not only are these pouches cheaper than the grocery store, they have unlimited flavors, and are more nutritious! The recipes are below, but there are a few things you need to know if you’ve never made pouches. 

Why Consider Homemade pouches?

Locally, I have a Target, Jewel, Caputos, Aldi, Meijer, FreshMarket, and Butera. To my knowledge, I have yet to find a baby or kids yogurt pouch in the grocery store that is: organic, made with whole milk, and no added sugars.


Most organic, whole milk brands are $1.50-$1.75 a pouch and have added sugars. This is something I just don’t understand. Yes, we want kinds to enjoy them, but there are better ways to improve taste than to add table sugar. 

Added sugars spike blood sugar levels. This spike eventually causes a crash, which leads to cravings, low energy, headaches, and much more. 

When you have food such as fruit added to foods, yes, you get simple sugar too, but the major difference is fiber and additional nutrients. When you make your own pouches you control what foods to add!

In a country where diabetes is at an all time high, especially in children, we need to take a closer look at how easy it is to give our children too much sugar. Don’t get me started on juice. 

Okay, the rant is over. 


Since I put up a stink about simple sugars, I will now provide some alternatives for you.

I used Medjool Dates as a sweetener in some of these pouches. It has been found that stone fruit has a low glycemic index and shouldn’t cause large increases in blood sugar. 

Not only are they better for blood sugar, they are a great source of nutrients! Medjool dates are a great source of fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, B vitamins, copper, and magnesium. Making them great for kids’ digestion and bone health!

Whole Milk

Whole, organic milk simply has the most nutrients that growing children need. When you take out the fat in milk. You also take out nutrients, such as vitamin D. 

If you know anything about vitamin D, you may know that you need a good fat source for it to be absorbed into the body properly. Taking out the fat in milk can reduce this ability. 

Of course, when fats and types of fats are of concern, use in moderation. However, when body fat is a concern in children, sugar intake is usually the culprit. 

Supplies Needed:

To make homemade pouches, you do need some specific equipment. I prefer to use:

Infantino Squeeze Pouch Station

Infantino Squeeze Pouches

Immersion Blender

You will also need bowls. Several large mixing bowls (preferably metal or glass). I believe we used 6 or 7 bowls for these pouches. 

Grocery List:

Yield: Makes about 100 pouches!

  • 1 lb organic strawberries
  • 16 oz. organic blueberries
  • 12 oz. medjool dates
  • 4 organic yellow squash
  • 4 organic zucchini
  • 4 lbs organic honeycrisp apples
  • 6, 32 oz. organic plain whole milk yogurt
  • Local Honey
  • Cinnamon
homemade yogurt pouches

Preparation of Ingredients

Strawberries & Blueberries: 

Blend, SEPARATELY, in a large bowl with an immersion blender or toss into a high powered blender. Set aside, in separate bowls.

Medjool Dates: 

  1. Slice each date and remove the pit. Toss into a glass or metal mixing bowl. 
  2. Bring a saucepan of water to a boil. 
  3. Pour hot water just over the dates. Allow to soak for about 10-15 minutes. 
  4. Use an immersion blender to create a paste-like consistency of the dates. 


  1. Core each apple.
  2. Steam apples (with skin) in a saucepan with a little water until soft.


  1. Cook apples in a crockpot on low overnight. 
  2. Once you have soft apples, blend with your immersion blender.

Zucchini & Squash:

  1. Chop vegetables into large pieces. 
  2. Steam in a saucepan until soft. 
  3. Once they are soft, separate into their own bowls and blend until smooth.

Mixing Ingredients into Flavored Pouches

After preparing your ingredients, combine the following fruits and vegetables with 48 oz (1 ½ containers) yogurt. Use your immersion blender to make sure it is well combined for the pouch containers. Add date paste, honey, or cinnamon to taste! 

This is the fun part, as you (and your kids) have complete say on the flavors of your pouches! 

Here is what I found to be tasty for us:

Strawberry Squash with Honey Yogurt

1 lb organic strawberries

2 organic yellow squash

48 oz organic plain whole milk yogurt

Honey to taste

Blueberry Squash & Date Yogurt

16 oz organic blueberries

2 organic squash

48 oz organic plain whole milk yogurt

Date Paste to taste

Apple Zucchini & Date Yogurt

4 lbs organic honeycrisp apples

2 organic zucchinis

48 oz organic plain whole milk yogurt

Honey to taste 

Cinnamon to taste

Zucchini Date and Vanilla Yogurt

2 organic zucchinis

48 oz organic plain whole milk yogurt

Vanilla Extract to taste

Date paste to taste

Options, Options, Options

The beauty of homemade pouches is that you have complete control of the ingredients used! If you would prefer not to use whole milk yogurt, use your preferred yogurt base. 

Switch up the flavor combinations and produce choices. Some other ideas may include: sweet potatoes, pears, spinach, carrots, beets, raspberries, and so much more. 


I chose to freeze these pouches once they were made. When I know my kids will eat one the next day, I take it out and allow it to thaw in the refrigerator. They will last you a week or so once thawed too. Use your judgment on that. 

For example, when our family went to the zoo one day, we packed frozen pouches and they were thawed by the time our kids wanted to eat them.


If you choose to make these pouches to save money, it’s important to try to find the produce and yogurt on sale! 

I spent about $105 on the grocery list above. Making each homemade yogurt pouch about $1.05 (plastic pouch cost included!). If I found the blueberries on sale that cost would have gone down, but I really wanted to use them and they were not on sale at the time I needed them. 

Another option that I haven’t tried yet is to use frozen produce. I’d imagine the cost would go down as well!

What have been your favorite flavors if you’ve made these before?

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