Looking for accountability? I have you covered. From 1:1 coaching to accountability groups, checkout which program best fits your needs.


Cycling Accountability Groups

Healthy habits, decluttering, self-care, the list is endless! Choose from a variety of accountability groups that focus on various aspects of wellness, compete for prizes, and have fun!

Custom Accountability Groups

Already have a group ready to make a change? Coworkers, family, and friends come together to focus on their wellness. Each program will be designed for the specific group.


1:1 Accountability Coaching

1:1 mentorship coming soon!

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Healthy Habits accountability group

“Never felt better”

Proud that I went WAY out of my comfort zone by joining this group, and STUCK TO IT! Never felt better!!

– Trisha

Healthy Habits accountability group

“I always considered myself a healthy person…but this accountability group proved me wrong.”

Each week was beneficial and made me focus on a new goal. I always considered myself a healthy person, so I didn’t really think I needed to make any changes to my lifestyle in regards to eating or working out. But this accountability group proved me wrong. The group helped me focus on drinking more water, getting my body at least walking each day (rather than just working out a few times a week), switching out foods for ones with healthier and less ingredients, and reading more with less screen time! I’m glad I didn’t pass on this opportunity for positive change!

– Amy

Healthy Habits accountability group

“This accountability group was just what I needed”

This last 7 weeks sure flew by! This accountability group was just what I needed to kick off summer! Each week was so exciting to add on another layer of healthy habits. It’s crazy to think back to our first week of hydration and how many new habits we are creating now! 

– Allison