Gin·ger·ly | showing great care

Ma·ma | one’s Mother

I created Gingerly Mama to empower women to take great care of themselves while they are busy running a household, a career, and/or a family. I also happen to be a redhead and a Mom, so that name fit perfectly.

Meet Lynette

A bit about me, my healing journey, and how Gingerly Mama came to fruition.

Upon graduation from Illinois State University, I landed a job teaching at a local high school. Throughout my 12 years at that school, I taught several family and consumer science courses, health education, and a college preparation course.

Teaching health and culinary arts courses was very rewarding and the relationships I was able to build taught me so much. These connections even led me to follow my interest in mental health and study counseling within a graduate program.

In the midst of 2020, when the world practically shut down, I was pregnant with our second son and teaching virtually. I became a Mom of two in October, and then decided to resign from teaching at that time.

While my time at home is so cherished, and I’m blessed to even have this opportunity, I began to feel off…again. I had the hardest time after I had my first son too.

I was told from medical professionals that it was most likely postpartum depression the first time and it was probably happening again.

I found a therapist, tried medication, practiced a ton of self-care, and altered my mindset after learning so much about myself. As I began to feeI better, I had the urge to share what was helping with others. I knew how to teach wellness, but I gave up the platform I knew to stay at home with my boys.

So, I started sharing more about it on social media and on this blog.

Women innately want to take care of everything, but what I found is that we are not so great at taking care of ourselves too. I was 100% guilty of this.

Being a Mom is amazing, but it is HARD. If you are not a Mom, you are probably giving your all to something else that is amazing and that is HARD too. Then, top it off with not taking care of yourself and you may find yourself feeling burnt out, on edge, or completely fatigued.

I wanted to create a space where women can come to feel empowered to take care of themselves, to have their feelings validated, and to provide a supportive community to keep us all accountable.

I’m so glad you’re here!