5 Steps to Stress Less & Create a Morning Routine for Moms

Find out what you can start doing today to stress less and create a morning routine for Moms that are overwhelmed. 

It’s time to leave, and you’re yelling at your toddler to get their shoes on as you grab the million items you need to bring with you. I’ve been there. Your mornings are full of chaos, and you end up dropping off the kids at school in your pajamas and forget their lunches. It’s not fun. It’s nap time for your baby and you are questioning if you should workout, clean, shower, pay the bills, or lay in bed. It’s overwhelming. 

I have been there. Trust me. It’s not that I’m not a morning person, rather I just move slow and don’t have a sense of urgency. But then I stress all day about the wasted time and how I should have spent my time more wisely. 

My favorite book about this is The Miracle Morning. The only problem is, I never consistently implemented anything from it. The desire is there, but the follow-through was not. Sometimes I describe myself as a wannabe type A personality, stuck with type B. 

As I have been both a working Mom and a stay at home Mom, I have tips and hacks for both morning situations. 

Give Yourself Grace

Before I give you tips and hacks to stress less in the morning and create a morning routine for Moms, I need to share the advice for new Moms that was given to me by my therapist. 

You are in survival mode. If you are a new Mom either to a first child or new child in the family, give yourself grace. This is not the time to put the pressure on yourself and have a productive morning. 

You are keeping a human alive. Literally. This and taking care of yourself should be your top priority right now. 

If you are waking up during the night for feedings, your sleep and mental health are more important than a productive morning. 

One Day it Clicked

Let me preface that both of my children were not great sleepers. My first was sleep-trained at around 8 months and finally slept through the night. My second was not sleep trained (because it was too much for me-that’s another blog post I will be writing soon) and was consistently sleeping through the night at 13 months.

Once I was sleeping, I knew I could make a morning routine work, without sacrificing my sleep too. 

I was that person who was stressed mid-morning or in the afternoon that I had yet to get much of anything done. 

Then, one day I decided to set my alarm (AH!) at 6 am and workout. 

Ahead of time, I made sure that my husband would get the kids if they woke up before 7 am. This is a part of my 4 Steps to a Strong foundation guide, to ensure I had the support. 

From there, I gradually began to add to my routine, so that I was focused and stress-free at the start of my day as a Mom. 

What I Learned

It wasn’t as simple as setting my alarm before my kids got up. Although that was a big part of the “stress less” part. 

There were things I needed to do before that morning to set myself and my family up for success. Another huge part was PREP. 

Prepping both my kids and myself the day before, so I no longer was yelling and rushing my kids out the door to make it to school on time. 

The 5-step guide to Stress Less in the Morning

  1. 10 Minute EVENING tidy-up.

This could take some time to establish if your home is usually more on the messy side. (I say lived in, some say messy). Start small, but the idea is to focus on the common areas in your home. 

Put today’s activities away. This will give you a fresh start to the crazy your day may bring. 

Fill the dishwasher and run it. (Bonus points if you can empty it before you go to bed. This way you dont start filling the sink with dirty dishes)

Clean the kitchen counters. Clear the clutter and wash them. 

  1. PREP, PREP, Prep

Prep as much as you can the night before and involve your kids! 

Pack lunches, set out everyone’s clothes, and go over upcoming activities to prepare for your day. Obviously, it will depend on the age of your kids and if they are going to school or not, but the more you prep, the more smooth your morning will go. 


This one is a game changer. 

But, it’s hard if you have early birds. Ask your spouse to give you time in the morning and get the kids if they wake up. Or, give your kids an activity they can do without you in the morning. 

Start with 20 minutes earlier than they normally get up and see how much time you need for a morning routine. Personally, I need an hour to workout and get myself ready for the day. I’m working on getting into a short morning meditation, but sometimes a cup of coffee alone is good enough!

Even if it’s just enough time to brush your teeth, wash your face, and get dressed without being asked to do a million things that might just be enough to start your day with less stress. 


Have the same breakfast all week and two alternating lunches. You and your kids! This will alleviate the breakfast chaos and the refusal to eat because it’s not what they expect. Involve them in the planning if they are picky.

Depending on what it is, you can prep this in advance. I like to make a big batch of oatmeal for a few days, so all we need to do is reheat it. I love prepping this super fresh Greek Orzo salad for my lunch for the week. 

This will also help with grocery shopping!

5 steps to a Morning Routine

This may not need to be a step for you, but most people get distracted when on their phones in the morning. Especially if Facebook or Instagram are open. 

Stay off of social media until you are ready to go for the day.

Working Moms

Before I had our second son, I was a working Mom who had to leave the house by 6:30am. 

My biggest guilt was wanting to exercise, but if I did it after work, I would take even more time away from my son than I already had that day. Exercise was not only good for me physically, but it helped me so much mentally too. 

Waking up earlier, I’m talking 4:45-5am, was the solution. The worst part was actually getting out of bed, but once I was exercising and getting ready so I wasn’t rushing myself and my kid out the door it became so worth it!

Put it Together

If you are going from morning chaos and no plan, to a strict morning routine, it may be too much stress on yourself and your kids. 

Try one step at a time. Reflect and adjust as needed, until you make mornings your boss!!

Did You Try it?

Have you tried the 5 steps to stress less in the morning? I would love to hear what worked and it did not work for you in the comments!

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