4 Steps to a Strong Foundation for Self-Care

With a proactive mindset and appropriate boundaries, upping your self-care game has never been easier!

You’re a tired Mom. You’re a stressed Mom. You’re a busy Mom. You want to feel human again. You’re at a breaking point. You’re burnt out. 

What if you could have a self-care day, and it would solve all of the above?

Getting your nails done, going for a massage, and lunch out with a bestie can make you feel better in the moment, but chances are you’re going to need a bit more when it comes to supporting all of your efforts in self-care.

The 6 dimensions that make up a person’s well-being, also known as wellness:

  • physical, 
  • psychological (mental and emotional), 
  • spiritual, 
  • occupational, 
  • intellectual, and 
  • social 

When one of these areas are impacted, it can affect another. As if being pregnant and going through childbirth wasn’t hard enough, each of these areas are greatly impacted during Motherhood.

4 Steps to a Strong Foundation for Self-Care 

Set Yourself Up for Success…

1. Determine how much time you need to dedicate to self-care

Some women need it daily. Others may only need it one or two times a week. Depending on your personality and stress level it can vary from person to person. As you build your foundation you will see that this time will fluctuate. What’s important is that you do not neglect this step as it’s necessary for planning and support as you engage in self-care. 

Example: Daily for 1 hour in the morning from 7-8, and a couple hours on the weekend. 

2. Identify your support

If you are married, this may be your spouse. Maybe your next door neighbor or a nearby friend. This can even be a babysitter that you trust. The key is to have someone who can watch your kids when you take time out for you, and that the person agrees to this time. 

Example: Once a month, set-up a date night to work on your relationship. Plan ahead and hire a babysitter for this time. 

Another Example. Monday-Friday, wake up at 6am to do your morning routine alone. Have your spouse watch the kids if they wake-up before 7am. 

3. Establish a plan 

What are you going to do and when?

If you decided to take an hour in the morning to spend on you, make that commitment. Go to bed at a decent time, so you can wake up in the morning. Make sure your spouse is able to watch the kids during this time. 

Look back at the 6 dimensions of wellness to identify areas you need time in self-care for. Maybe that daily hour is spent exercising, or meditating. I would recommend that you plan your time out each week as your needs change. Refer back to the A-Z Guide of Self-Care Ideas For Overwhelmed Moms for tools to use. 

Use a calendar to plan your time in advance. The more people who see it on a calendar, the more understanding there will be. 

4. Reflect and Re-evaluate

Questions to ask yourself after each week: How are you feeling at this moment? How did your week go? Did you stick to the plan? Do you need more or less time for self-care this week? Can you ask for help? How is your health? Should you make some wellness goals?

Are you having a hard time sticking to your self care plan? Maybe you need an accountability partner? Join the Gingerly Mama community for monthly support groups, events, and much more.

Is This Necessary?

It may seem unnecessary to build a strong foundation for self-care, but without one all of your efforts in yourself may not last as long as you need them to. 

Self-care looks and sounds different for everyone, but those who are flourishing with it, have built a support system and follow a plan that is proactive.

Life can and will get in the way at times, but sticking to a reactive approach in self-care may only discourage you to continue to invest in you. 

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